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Tips for using toilet roll correctly

Toilet paper is the daily necessities we often use in our daily life. Do you know what other uses it has? Today, I would like to introduce some tips about toilet paper.

At present, there are various brands of honey in the market, but it is difficult for the real and fake honey to be identified by the public. In fact, a more convenient and quick way to identify the good and bad honey is to take a drop of honey from the bought honey and drop it directly on the napkin. If it gradually seeps open, it means that the honey is mixed with sugar water. If it does not seep open, it means that the honey is of high quality.

What's the principle of applying honey to napkins to see if it seeps through? Honey mixed with sugar water is impossible to drop on the paper towel in a hemispherical shape. Once honey seeps on the napkin, it means honey mixed with sugar water. Honey does not seep on the napkin, indicating that honey is not mixed with sugar water. The lower the water content, the better the quality of honey and the longer the storage time.

Toilet paper or napkin can also clean the tiles, paste toilet paper or paper towels on tiles, spray detergent on them for a while, and just like applying a mask, the grease stain will stick together. Tear off the toilet paper, and then use a clean rag dipped in water to wipe once or twice, the tiles will be completely new.

It turns out that toilet paper has so many uses, but today it has gained a lot of knowledge. Mancheng paper hopes these methods can help you!

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