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Knowledge of paper drawing

Paper drawing is also called box drawing, paper drawing, box towel paper, paper towel drawing, paper towel drawing and so on. Different places have different names. It is an invention integrating practicality and beauty.

In order not to waste high cost toilet paper, people divide it into square or rectangular shapes, stack them with each other, and then put them into a paper box with a small opening. Each time one piece can be taken out of the small opening, another one will be taken out, so the name of paper drawing is given.

The cartons are beautifully made and beautifully shaped. The material of the box mainly includes white cardboard, white board paper, plastic, wood, bamboo and so on. And it's also a good decoration to put a box of well-designed cartons at home.

Paper drawing has become a new form of advertising and a favorite of many merchants. It is more suitable for gifts and promotions in catering, entertainment, insurance, automobile, beverage, education and other industries. It is packed beautifully and widely used, so it can be seen everywhere in cars, desks, home bedrooms, hotel rooms, etc. Paper extraction can also help to enhance the corporate brand image, facilitate customers to remember the corporate phone, thus improving the business turnover.

The paper is made of 100% pure wood pulp without any chemical bleaching agent. The paper is usually square and folded in half. The first paper is taken out and the second one is taken out.

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