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Toilet paper price

Now, there are many kinds of toilet paper in the market, and the prices of different toilet papers are different. Some toilet papers look the same, but why are the prices so different?

First of all, the offer of toilet paper is decided by the offer of paddle board, which accounts for 60% of the offer of toilet paper, so the offer trend of paddle board of concave convex age of toilet paper fluctuates greatly; There are also workers and production skills, a skilled worker in the production of toilet paper, can improve the yield, and unit time to produce more toilet paper, unit time production capacity is also high, so reduce the price of toilet paper; After all, even if it is apportioned to the advertising fee and shop entrance fee of toilet paper, the quotation of some brand toilet paper manufacturers will be higher than that of general toilet paper, and the quotation includes some equally apportioned advertising expenses.

Today, with the continuous development of the s, brand has become the guarantee of product sales, and toilet paper is not an exception. Making brand production to let customers recognize and purchase their own products has become the only way for toilet paper manufacturers to want to carry out. In the process of brand making, if you want to build your own brand faster and better, you need to use excellent toilet paper products as support. The vision of toilet paper is very broad, but it is also a very fierce competition career. To be outspoken, after all, quality is still needed as the backstage.

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