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The quality standard of box drawing paper

1. Toilet paper small series introduces whether the box drawing paper meets the standard. It is necessary to mark the production date, batch number, address, factory name, etc. on the outer package of the product. Do not buy products with unclear marks or beyond the validity period, which are not guaranteed. When purchasing qualified box drawing paper, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the smell of the paper drawing is pungent, whether the appearance is too white, and whether it is used If there is any hair loss after that, the poor quality box paper drawing will have an impact on the skin and even the health of the body, so special attention should be paid.

2. Finally, we need to pay attention to whether the box will rot when it is in use. Good boxed pumping paper, such as air boxed pumping paper added more high-quality imported fiber, with special technology to improve the density, strengthen the product's strength and toughness, even after being immersed in water, the paper will not easily crack.

The process of box drawing paper is generally covered with film on the outside of the box, and the relative moisture-proof effect is better. Baoding toilet paper small weave introduces that the plastic bags or cartons outside also have certain moisture-proof function, but they should not be stored in the space with excessive air humidity, because the water absorption capacity of the paper is very strong, and the humidity will cause wrinkles and mildew.

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