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Analyze the advantages of using pure wood pulp toilet paper?

Toilet paper is not the whiter the better. It is better to choose the toilet paper with pure wood pulp as the raw material. The pure wood pulp itself has a light egg yellow color. At present, most of the medium and low grade toilet paper sold in the market are recycled paper printing products and printed white paper. During the production process, deinking treatment is required, and whitening agent and fluorescent whitening agent are added. Whitening agent is not good for human body, so do not choose high whiteness paper.

Consumers must choose enterprises and products with good reputation when purchasing toilet paper. From the appearance, good toilet paper is pure and clean, with even and delicate wrinkles and clean and tidy paper surface. Low grade toilet paper looks dark gray and has impurities. Secondly, we should choose products with strong tension, good softness and less holes.

Paper for daily use accompanies every day's daily life of every one of us. It's a daily product that we can't be familiar with any more. It's a very important link for everyone to keep healthy, and it's also a link that is easy to be ignored. Raw materials are the key to the health of tissue. That is to say, the selection of paper pulp as the raw material for paper making. Most of the common household paper in the market is made by recycled paper. Because the market is full of cheap price, which damages the health of many unknown consumers. Strictly speaking, this recycled paper is not allowed to process household paper. Because the raw material for paper pulp is widely sourced, even including used sanitary napkins, newspapers and other materials Waste paper, etc., after recycling and bleaching, is illegally manufactured by some small processing plants or black dens and then circulated to the market. This trip is not worthy of mentioning that consumers should refuse to buy such paper for their own health.

Although toilet paper is small, it is related to human health. Long term use of inferior toilet paper will stimulate the skin and cause skin allergy.

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