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Common sense that novices must know when they are engaged in toilet paper processing

Toilet paper is a necessity in our life. It is used every day, and the sales volume every day is quite large. It is also a good project for many entrepreneurial friends. But for those who want to engage in the toilet paper processing industry, they don't know much. Here is a detailed introduction, hoping to help those who want to do toilet paper processing!Toilet paper processing

1. Positioning

No matter what you do, positioning is very important. When you do toilet paper processing, you should first understand whether to make roll paper, draw paper or small tray paper! After all, there are many kinds of life paper. If you have enough money, you can be willful!

2. Base paper

Raw materials are purchased from the paper mill semi-finished paper, that is, large axle paper or bar paper. The price of a ton of base paper varies according to the quality and the price! Generally from 5000 to 8000, before and after the new year is the peak season of toilet paper processing!

3. Equipment

Generally, a set of toilet paper processing equipment is needed for toilet paper processing. Toilet paper processing equipment including toilet paper rewinder, band saw and paper cutting machine, water-cooled sealing machine is enough, and it does not involve pollution, water, electricity, and certificate approval is simple. Therefore, the investment in toilet paper processing is small and the risk is small.

4. Technology

The operation technology of toilet paper rewinder is simple and easy to learn. It is suitable for people of different ages and levels of knowledge. It has not too high requirements for workers and meets the needs of many migrant workers to return home and start their own businesses. Moreover, the manufacturer provides free on-site installation and debugging, technical support for each customer, teaching package, and after-sales service, so as to avoid your worries!

5. Workshop

Toilet paper processing equipment, toilet paper raw materials and finished products, the processing plant area of 100-200 square meters is enough, it is worth noting that toilet paper raw materials and equipment should not be too far away, otherwise it will increase processing time, resulting in unnecessary waste, which we should take into account.

6. Sales

The sales market of toilet paper is relatively wide. 

Offline can be wholesalers, agents, supermarkets, small business vendors, etc. online can be combined with e-commerce, or online and offline, which has expanded a broader channel for our sales and is conducive to our better sales.

7. Profit

The profit is set according to each region. The price of each region is different, and the profit is also different! Some places are very high, some places are very low, the industry is based on volume, so as long as you do well, the profit is objective, it is better than going out to work again!

8. Funds

For how much money to invest in toilet paper processing, first of all, it depends on the degree of automation of the equipment you order and the configuration of the machine! Second, it depends on how many raw materials you buy, and of course, the investment in the factory building. If you have a factory building, please exclude it!


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