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First of all, it's a common sense. Do you know the main raw materials of paper towels? The answer is plant fiber. Plant fiber is generally referred to as pulp, which can be roughly divided into "wood pulp, straw pulp, sugarcane pulp, cotton pulp, recycled waste paper, etc.". As the name implies, different grades of paper towels are produced from different sizes.

High grade paper towels are all refined from 100% original wood pulp, with good quality and health safety; medium grade paper towels are processed from straw pulp, sugarcane pulp and cotton pulp, with good quality, inferior to the former in terms of sanitation; while low grade paper towels are processed from recycled waste paper pulping, often with impurities, hair and powder falling, without sanitation.

See here, a lot of readers should understand that, although the same paper-making enterprises, but different enterprises use different materials in the production process. Generally speaking, due to the limitation of capital and technology, most small enterprises usually use mixed pulp paper or wood pulp as production materials, but also use recycled paper.

As mentioned above, the products made from recycled waste paper are not sanitary. In order to enter the market, the manufacturers of poor quality toilet paper use bleaching agent and fluorescent agent in the processing process, which brings the illusion of safety and health to consumers.

However, most bleaching agents are very corrosive, which will release toxic gases with irritant effect, and the harm to human body is self-evident. When the fluorescent agent which is mainly used as whitening agent is absorbed by human body, it will become a potential carcinogen.

The raw materials are unsanitary. In addition to excessive use of bleach and fluorescent agents, poor toilet paper will naturally cause harm to human body, especially children with poor immunity.

Therefore, it is not white toilet paper that is harmful, but low-grade and poor quality paper produced by small enterprises that is harmful. Therefore, when choosing paper for daily use, the way is to choose a reputable brand.

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