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How to choose the right toilet paper

Toilet paper is a very large consumption in people's daily life. Housewives who often go to the supermarket know that toilet paper is produced by different manufacturers, with different prices and quality. So how to choose the quality ratio and price ratio from a large number of toilet paper?

Once you look at the outer packaging, you should first check the outer packaging when selecting toilet paper. The packaging and sealing of the product shall be neat and firm without damage; the package shall be printed with the manufacturer's name, production date, product grade (superior product, first-class product, qualified product), adopted standard number, implemented health standard number (gb20810-2006) and other information.

Second, look at the appearance of paper. Good toilet paper is generally Natural Ivory or ivory, with even and delicate texture, clean paper surface, no holes, no obvious paper defects and impurities such as dead folds, incomplete, damaged, hard blocks, raw grass tendons, pulps, etc. there should be no serious hair loss and powder loss when using the paper, and there should be no residual printing ink in the paper. Otherwise, it is the product with bacteria exceeding the standard.

It's easy to make mistakes in purchasing. Many consumers think that the whiter the toilet paper is, the better. In fact, it's not. Because of the excessive use of fluorescent whitening substances in the production process, the toilet paper is intuitive and very white. This is the manufacturer's catering to people's consumption psychology. In fact, the whiter is not necessarily sanitary. Fluorescent whitening substances are extremely harmful to people when they are widely used in chemical products.

Third, the flexibility of paper, generally speaking, pure wood pulp toilet paper because of the long fiber, so the tensile force is large, toughness is good, not easy to break. The intuitive feeling is to feel soft and comfortable when touching.

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