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How to choose and disinfect toilet paper

Five elements of purchase:

First, it depends on whether the package of the product is marked with the hygiene license number, whether it is printed with the name of the factory, the address of the factory and whether there is an executive standard;

Second, it depends on the color of the paper. Because there is no additive, the color of pure wood pulp paper should be natural ivory white with relatively uniform texture;

Third, it depends on the price. Generally, toilet paper with low retail price cannot contain pure wood pulp;

Fourth, it depends on the strength of endurance. Due to the long fiber, pure wood pulp paper has large tensile force, good toughness and is not easy to break, while the paper with poor quality has irregular small holes and falling powder;

Five, it depends on the result of the fire. Good toilet paper is white ash after burning. Six, it depends on the shelf life. Good napkins, facial tissues and women's articles are all marked with executive standards and shelf life, while most of the inferior toilet papers are not marked.

Disinfection is a method to kill pathogenic microorganisms, but not necessarily to kill bacterial spores. Chemical methods are usually used to achieve the effect of disinfection. The chemicals used for disinfection are called disinfectants.

Sterilization: it refers to the method of killing all the microorganisms (including bacterial spores) on the object, usually using physical methods to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Antiseptic: it refers to the method to prevent or inhibit the growth and propagation of microorganisms. The chemicals used for antisepsis are called preservatives.

Asepsis: it means no living bacteria. It is the result of sterilization. The operation technology to prevent microorganisms from entering the body or objects is called aseptic operation.

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